Chairman's Welcome

Dear friends and fellow rallier's,

Thank you for granting me the privilege to serve you as your chairman for 2018-2019. I will endeavour to continue South London's reputation as a friendly centre. As a chairman my role is to support all our members and I will ask that you all support me.

I also hope to represent you at other centres and occasions.

I would like to thank in advance all committee members for their support and guidance as I continue this role. Please give them your full support and remember they are all volunteers giving up their time for the benefit of the centre.

Please help to keep our centre thriving by volunteering or supporting the rally officers in the next rallying year.

Rallying has become a very important part of my life and has enabled me to meet so many people who I now regard as friends. There are big ships, there are small ships, but the best ships of all are friendships.

Remember my mantra "Come on South London".

Myself and Rosemary wish you a happy and enjoyable year of caravanning, and look forward to seeing you on a rally soon.

Ken Wellard.